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February 10, 2013


What happens when a live condor gets loose at a hockey game

(Thanks to Jenny Kellner)

As God is my witness, I thought condors could skate.


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C'mon, it's not like he got in a fight or drove the Zombini.

Wait, he got in a fight and drove the Zamboni???

"Zamboni". Condors are notoriously bad spellers.

And Gary Bettman thinks we Detroiters are out of control when we throw dead octopi on the ice?

If the other team's mascot was The Roadkill, we could have some interesting over/under bets.

Saw this on the news last night. I can't believe some genius thought it would be a good idea.

El Condor Pasa.

Carrying large,live, flighty animals on ice (wearing dress shoes) rarely ends well...

I'm as patriotic as the next Eagle Scout, but these sporting events are making me hate our National anthem. Ugggh.

Have you ever been downwind of vultures? Oy. And they're not exactly housebroken, either.

Carrion dear vulture, carrion


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