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February 03, 2013


Nice boots. Not so nice kiss. Some game.

Update: Half power.


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Rah! Rah!!


Yay, sportsball! Hold 'em, defensive sportsball team! Go all the way, offensive sportsball team!

Loved the shot where the talking heads were trying to fill time during the power outage, with them around a desk and a view of the field behind them.

All of a sudden. out of nowhere, behind and above two of the talking head emerge two cheerleaders who have been flung in the air in a sitting position. They appear, hit their peak, they disappear, and the talking heads go on talking.


scott: we used to do a cheer in ... i don't remember when, just a joke:

Retard them!
Retard them!
Compel them to relinquish the ball!

I was watching on-line, and as they walked off the field, I could have sworn I heard a couple of players, well, swear. So much for Internet censorship.

And next year? Go Vikings!

I heard the same words watching the end of the broadcast on C'BS'

I laughed; I cried. It was a super Super Bowl. Now I am out of guacamole.

Hickenlooper! Hickenlooper!

My favorite part is the Half Time "Analysis".

I believe one guy said "They are throwing the football down the field, and that is the point of this game," or something like that. Brilliant and insightful.

Also, this is the last time you can make Ray Lewis murder puns, so that is something.

So who won?

My favorite part came at 2 pm in the endless day/night Super Bowl lead in, where they went to one of (conservatively) 8,000 commercials with this guaranteed enticement to return, "Coming up next: we're going tailgating with Rachaek Ray!"

You could hear televisions flick off all over the world.

my favorite part was when i was watching movies on Turner classics. was there a sporting event?

Puppy Bowl went off without a hitch.

Thought for a second there, you wrote "b!tch", Jan.

Boom. When the lights went out? We needed John Madden to say, "Boom. When the lights go out, you got your dark. Brett Favre. Ayayayayayayayaya."

Plenty of those Meanie, and one did a poop on the field, but all thing considered it was a pretty clean game. A bit of illegal tail-biting, but what's new?

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