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February 04, 2013


First, an excerpt.

Next, a bunch o' stuff, courtesy of Katie the Amazing Publicist:

“NOW with Alex Wagner” / MSNBC Interview 

Denver Post Review

Austin American Statesman Feature

Richmond Times-Dispatch Review

Tampa Bay Times Review


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Katie, you are such a show off strumpet. Well done.

Great reviews. I loved the book.

Anxiously awaiting being strumpeted upon by Dave next week! Will continue to use my awesome power of mind control to keep deep snow at bay up here in New Hampshire! Did you know Portsmouth NH has more bars & restaurants per capita in the US second only to San Diego? Plan lots of time for the pre-lecture pub crawl, Dave!

Stellar, Dave.
O/T Sad day for the music world. Gutted to hear of Reg Presley's death. Knew he was talking to me with his big brown eyes when he sang this.

Dave - Thanks for posing (1.4k times) with my daughter et al at Book People!

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