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February 02, 2013


Bloglits gathered at the signing last night.

Bloglits insane city

(Thanks to wiredog, who took many other photos.)


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Caption contest!

Look at nursecindy with her sippy cup full of zinfandel! Awwwwww......

OK, identify yourselves, please? I think I spotted Dave, so I'm 1 for 12....

Anyone know when the first book signing ever took place ?

Nice collection of photos Dave. You all look like you are enjoying yourselves.

Good to put a face to wiredog and Loudmouth and to see Wurm & Blogchik again.

We may be getting more photos as Mad Scientist and Mike Weasel (at least) will be at Dave's temple event today.

Very helpful caption there in the back but which is which?

I whined until I got the day off for Dave's day in Atlanta!!!

Dang it. Just read where Dave is in Austin Tuesday and I have to be Vancouver.

Thank you for sharing the pictures with Dave's other fans! I was not able to go in NJ, and I really enjoyed seeing these :) I see the camera...will the talk be online?

Wonderful photos. It's nice to be able to put names to familiar aliases, er, nicknames.

Anyone know when the first book signing ever took place ?
Clankie, I think it was August 2, 1776.
Before I forget, *SMACKS* padraig. That beautiful baby is named Violet. Baby *SMACK* from her too.

Which one in the blue shirt is Dave?

Great shots, Wiredog! Nice Blog turnout, people. Keep harassing supporting Dave.

Who is the lucky owner of the autographed weinermobile?

Jan "owns" the weinermobile @ the present time, but sends it around to Blogits so they can get more autographs (HAR! PUN!) @ events such as this ... Auntie M brung it to this chapter of The Gathering, IIRC ...

Lovely photo. But where is the keg?

I think it's sweet that everyone is wearing a blue shirt except for Dave. Obviously Dave is behind on his laundry.

Sorry I let everyone down and didn't wear my blue work shirt. And Violet is a complete cutie pie. It wasn't hard to identify the bloglits. They tend to coagulate in one area and look geekier (and more friendly) than anyone else there. Good meeting y'all.

Sheesh. It's sad that I'm just now making it to this picture. I'm in the bottom right with Violet, who was originally known as "Buddha Baby". She did surprisingly well for a 15 month-old, though after we got things signed, she did manage to run around and attempt some tantrums by sitting carefully on the floor and then laying down to kick her legs. *eyeroll*

It was great to meet some more blogits in person, and we just have to get together again!

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