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February 07, 2013


I'm leaving Denver, where I had a nice event at the great Tattered Cover, and heading for Los Angeles, where I'll be doing Live Talks LA tonight with Matt Groening. For reasons nobody can clearly explain, the event will feature custom-made energy bars. I will also be asking Matt to to lead the audience in calisthenics.


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Don't go near any Blue/Dark Grey Nissan Titan pickups. Best just stay away from LA. Otherwise have a nice stay.

What Would Homer Do?

(My Mom used to work with his Dad at MEC&C Advertising. I'm not sure if Homer was the art director who taught me at the age of three to respond to Merry Christmas with Bah Humbug or if it was someone else)

I certainly hope the vanilla extract is organic too.

This makes so much more sense now that I know Ted Habbity-Gabbity is involved. Have fun, Dave!

Tattered Cover is one of the few great bookstores left.

Has Judi set up a perimeter in L.A.?

Because if she doesn't, the terrorists will win.

And book sales will plummet.

Does the energy bar have a mullet too?

Got damn it! You were in Denver and I missed you?? WAaaaaaaa!

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