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February 08, 2013


Last night with Matt Groening at Live Talks LA


Matt Dave !


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Great picture and it's nice to see who got top billing.

Looks like the energy bars worked well.

Dave wrote a book?

$ 95 seems like a lot of money for a signed book and a reserved seat. You could get 8 or 9 pizas for that.

That's true Clankie but, Dave seldom signs pizzas.

If you buy a book and have the pizza delivered to the venue, I'm pretty sure he will sign the box.

A signed first edition of the very first book Dave will write? Who could put a price on that?

Just saw Dave on PBS Newshour, where he deftly fended off compliments.

I finally ordered the book today.

musta been a wildly funny interview...

What exactly would be on the Dave Barry autographed pizza?

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