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February 07, 2013


According to a Yates County Sheriff’s Department report, Margeson put the Oxycodone pills “into her mouth and brought them into the jail when she visited her son.” She then passed two pills “from her mouth to her sons mouth when she kissed him.”

("Thanks" to Ty Jones and Maryqos)


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Close family. Check her brownies next time.

The police should be able to verify the transfer by process of elimination.

Mom's a real pill, isn't she?

The things we moms do for our children. Sigh..

snicker at nursecindy!

Never thought of that to get my kids to take their medicine when they were little.

This must not have been the first time...or at least it was planned ahead of time. I mean, if my mom suddenly tried slipping me the tongue, I wouldn't have just taken it. I would have jumped back wiping my mouth and yelling God knows what!

Mom would be so proud.

Oh, wait...

The clever plan was foiled by the son's sudden acquisition of dentures.

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