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February 11, 2013


Surely someone will show up, eventually.

(Thanks to Virtual User)


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They could try a giveaway raffle ...

1st prize: a Season Ticket to all Marlins games

2nd prize: two season tickets

3rd Prize: your very own Burmese Python autographed by Dave Barry (new book inside).

Like Bob Uecker's joke about the Cleveland Indians' ticket office hotline:
Fan: What time do the Indians play this Saturday?
Ticket office: What time can you make it?

Hogs, you can only redeem that prize at the Okeefenokee Barnes & Noble. Now featuring waterproof Nooks(c).

Har, Pad' ... I miss ol' Ueck' ... allus enjoyed his baseball anecdotae ... and sum others as well ... like the time he and Dandy Don snookered Howard Cosell, with the Gorilla suit ...

I find it funny how the last guy in line is wearing camo, apparently in hopes of diminishing his chances of being spotted buying Marlins ticket(s).

On a side note...does the guy in black even fit in a seat?

O, if Ueck got him with a gorilla suit, Cosell got off easy.

Just heard Ueck on the radio the other day and he was talking about how he thought his radio partner, Merle Harmon, needed to loosen up a bit. So Ueck left the booth for a break, and came back in completely naked. Harmon allegedly had a spit take for the ages.

A, theUeck' ... glad to hear he's still havin' fun ... our gang (my kids) still quote frum his Mariachi commercial once in a while ...

I always loved the Ueker Miller commercial where a fan toasts him as one of the great players of all time. (Ueker had apparantly told him he was Whitey Ford.) "I thought you were left handed Whitey ?"

I remember that one!

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