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February 05, 2013


Here's what billions of dollars' worth of dead herring looks like.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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There's nothing funny I can think of to say about this mass death of herring. The planet is dying and it's horrible.

That's gonna smell bad!

Wow. You could cut down a lot of trees with those.

Have you ruined a fjord lately?

Too early in the day for so many consonants.

This is more in line with the blog's usual topics.

"Sex please, we’re Canadian. Survey lays bare everything from threesomes to canoe canoodles"

News you can use?

"Has the water circulation in the fjord been cut off?"
"What was that again? I'm hard of herring."

And on the other subject:

"A Canadian is somebody who knows how to make love in a canoe." – Pierre Berton

"Anyone can make love in a canoe, it's a Canadian who knows enough to take out the centre thwart!" -- Philip Chester

Anyone else see "dead herring" and instantly think "Helen Shapiro?"

Where are the seagulls?

I saw Dead Herring open for Meat Loaf.

I dunno.
Something fishy about this story.

They aren't dead, they are just "resting."

They're pining for the fjords... Oh wait, they're there already.

We're gonna need more onion, vinegar, salt and dill.

Exactly, Jeff M. Dead Herring was a band which later changed its name to Helen Shapiro among other things in a Monty Python bit. The same bit from which the band Toad the Wet Sprocket took its name.

The crap that clutters up my memory...

I don't know why we're talking about this, but since we are, do you know why lite beer is like making love in a canoe? It's fu#king close to water.

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