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February 07, 2013


Dave,  This appeared on the sliding door of my apt. one morning. I think it's a sign, a sign that my window needs cleaning again.

-- Paul Nielsen



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It a sign you need to get out the bb gun for those damn seagulls.

Suggested reading material.

That might be the biggest poop we've seen on the blog, so far.


Holy shit!

First Mary and Jesus, now a Roman centurion?!?

I'm getting a hint of Rasputin.

No, no. It's Mother Teresa. The whiskers are a dead give away.

Karl Marx as seen by El Greco.

Another Joe Biden apparition. The end is near.

I'm seeing a greying Rasta-man, eyes heavenward, in respectful meditation of Haile Selassie.

But I could be wrong.

Gene Simmons in another 20 years.

Zombie Jesus is after you!
Look out! He's trying to lay his hands on you!

A couple of years ago I travelled from Vancouver to Victoria to have lunch with a couple of very important prospective clients. They were hosting me for lunch at the Empire Club, a very exclusive private club. I really wanted to look my best.

As I was crossing the street going towards the front door of the club, something slammed down on me from above...it felt like someone had smashed a large book onto the top of my head. I was momentarily stunned, until I realized that I had just been the recipient of about a week's worth of food from a seagull.

The guy walking behind me said that I was not going to believe what the back of my suit jacket, my pants and shoes looked like. He underestimated. Heh.

Bob Marley. Now. Not when he was alive.

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