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February 04, 2013


Naturist accused of mowing lawns naked

(Thanks to Bill Moore)


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Well, how else are you supposed to trim the bushes?

One rock flung by the lawnmower blade into the wrong spot will cure that habit.

Why does this NEVER happens in my neighborhood?

For years, our neighbor's RV-sized dog blessed our yard with landmines.
That's why I never mow without a hazmat suit.
Now you know why this guy's tan is so spotty.

The previous story could have had the same header.

Sad. What good is a naked lawn ?

We understand Judi has offered him a lucrative contract. (Dave, it's a totally legit biz expense).

We are the only ones on our road that have a bare lawn. Does this count?

"Pointon organised a controversial Tauranga New Zealand World Naked Bike Ride in March 2012..."

...followed immediately by the Tauranga New Zealand World Bicycle Seat Burning.

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