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February 15, 2013


Bar infested by hundreds of thousands of cockroaches, roach eggs, feces and carcasses – even INSIDE the liquor bottles

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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yuck. eww. foo. and no thanks.

Thank God I gave up drinking.

They have worms in tequila. Why not roaches in scotches?

Saw that this morning. As usual, Texas leads the way.

Me no able to read article. Everything it gone fuzzy-wuzzy.

I worked in a bar like that once. The hygiene was one thing, but the audio volume cost me a chunk of my hearing that's still missing today.

I flunked "Name the state."

What the story didn't reveal is that the bar was on the Carnival Triumph.

As a health inspector, I had an advantage some lacked in that I could smell roaches and ants. Ants smell like formic acid and roaches like moldy formic acid.
Sometimes the smell was so slight that I would find myself looking in likely places without consciously being aware of the smell.
Of course, being in Florida now, the ants think I smell delicious.
Never step on a Florida ant is my motto now.

...and that's just the clientele that frequents the establishment, no mention whatsoever was given to the bugs and rats that live in the walls.

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