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February 16, 2013


Former game show host Bob Barker is telling North Carolina lawmakers that caging a live possum for a New Year's Eve event in the mountains isn't good show business.

(Thanks to Merk Newsom)


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That explains why they dropped a toy possum this year. This is from Wikipedia.
Spencer the possum is lowered in a ball wrapped with Christmas lights from the top of the American Hometown Realty Building. A living animal is not lowered but it remains uncertain whether Spencer is a stuffed toy opossum or died of natural causes several years ago and was stuffed by local taxidermist Bud Jones. Spencer's name is a tribute to Ralph L. Spencer.
From what I've heard from various relatives the possum has never been real. They're too afraid it will bite them. We're also pretty sure Spencer died at the hands of PETA.

I should also warn everybody that if you ever decide to attend this event, a lot of alcohol adult beverages are frequently consumed.

It ate my d@mn comment.

I suggested that next year they would do better crowdwise if they dropped Bob Barker.

Fitting that Barker sympathizes with animals, what with all the lawsuits and settlements from his days as a serial sexual harassing pig.

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