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February 17, 2013


Rhode Islanders repeatedly call cops over 12-foot snow penis

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Really? Imagine the shrinkage mammoth. (ha)

Evidently it was a Jewish snow penis.

A small state making a big statement.

Why is it women don't make giant vagina snow sculptures? Or men, for that matter.

Forget I asked.

“It’s just a big pair of balls now,” Raylene Worthington, the mother of the 16-year-old responsible for the sculpture, told HuffPo

Whole new meaning to "frozen stiff" . . .

"If you have nothing else to do in your day other than complain about a snow penis, we’ll make it 12 feet tall.”


When the sun comes out it will melt, but the neighbors will still be big d**ks.

Again, I fail to see the humor.

wow, remember when they came to the agora? yeah they opened for white snake.

In ancient Rome, or maybe Greece, I forget, everyone had a big penis in their front yard--for fertility. A bunch of teenage vandals went around knocking them down. People were upset. Whatever teenagers do upsets people.

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