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February 04, 2013


Family’s missing pet tortoise found in storeroom 30 years later

(Thanks to jon harris)


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That page led me to this story about causes of the upcoming revolution.

Opps. I meant this story. I'm firing my Comment Quality Department manager now.

Not clicking on any link containing the words "raw", and "carnival" while at work.

So, 30 years of turtle poop went undetected?

I suppose this means there's hope Jimmy Hoffa could show up yet.

All the characters in this story could be described as not too swift. Only one has an excuse.

this needs to be a reality show.

Seems like a pretty demanding pet

This could only be better if the turtle then went for the owner's throat, or the owner accidentally dropped a toolbox on the miracle turtle.

toolbox on turtle? why would you wish that?

Apparently, tortoises can be trained to "stay".
For decades.

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