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February 05, 2013


Woman gives judge finger in court

(Thanks to Jeffrey P. Brown)


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What's the difference between a court jester and a court gesture? One is dressed funny and makes jokes, and the other will get you 30 days for contempt.

The version of this story I saw had a picture of the young person. I suspect we'll hear from her again.

I don't think the F-state has a monopoly on this. I could definitely see this happening in Flathead County, for instance. Especially if it's the night court.

That's the physical manifestation of Dorothy's epiphany that she isn't in Kansas, anymore.

Judge: "You said [expletive] me?"

Soto: "Yes, sir, I did."

The judge then laid down the law for being in contempt of court.

Judge: "You did say that? I find you in direct criminal contempt. Thirty days in the county jail."

Soto: "OK, that's fine."

Judge: Did you say fine?

Soto: Yes sir I did.

Judge: That will be $1,000. Anything else you care to do? I have community service waiting.

On the Right Coast, two high school students were playing "Tug O'War" as some type of lunchtime competition. The rope slipped, and two students had their fingers amputated.

That's the other way to give 'em the finger.

Good analysis Mikey.

Reminds me of the famous Sam Steele, a former RCMP Superintendent in the days of the wild west in Canada, who later became a lay magistrate.

Appearing before him was an American cowboy who had been arrested for trafficking liquor to the Indians. Steele sentenced him to a fine of $100.00, at which point, the cowboy interjected and said "No problem judge, I have that in my back pocket". At which point Steele added " AND six months hard labour...do you have that in your other pocket, laddie?"

I just love old time justice...

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