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February 10, 2013


Couple uses ‘freaky’ Vaseline-coated hose to give themselves coffee enemas up to four times a day

(Thanks to Joe in Japan, Mark Buckley, Alkali Bill and Scott Cramer [who says, "the worst part of waking up."])


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We're assuming they recycle the used coffee at Starbutts?

You just know the folks at Red Bull and Monster are trying to figure out the right marketing (pardon the expression) angle.

Does it work with decaf or Chai tea?

'...the best fart of waking up - '?

There has to be a colonoscopy joke up there somewhere

nursecindy assures me we would be surprised at how many people are into giving themselves enemas.

Our medical professionals are underpaid sometimes.

The version I sent in, by the way, features this charming couple in action.

Key line: "I make a quick transition from the floor to the toilet seat," said Mike. "It comes flying out like a torrent."

Wake up and smell the coffee ...

Scott Cramer's opening comment wins my vote for best comment of the year so far.

k-cupping the g-spot

So true, Jeff. People like this were the cr@ppiest patients ever.

Take off. You hose her?

I'd also recommend having some ABBA playing in the background.

As opposed to a "normal" Vaseline-coated hose...?

So...that's how women get a "perky" butt they seem to want?

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