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February 01, 2013


What with all the drivers making contact with a parked train, a classroom, and the police.


(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, Jeff Meyerson, and Jerrald Nichols)


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Here in DC we had a semi rear end a fire truck. On the Beltway. Which shut down. During rush hour.


Then it snowed today and all Hell broke loose on 28!

Schools opening late, on the scene reporters at random intersections...

Ya know, a usual day around. DC

Brake, accelerator .... picky, picky .....

So, "designated driver" is a relative term?

It's certainly understandable how a driver could fail to notice a train parked on a crossing ... the flashing lights and crossing arms probably didn't sufficiently illuminate the rail cars, which are a mere 60 feet long and 12 feet high, with reflective markings all along the sides ...

The last guy was charged with DCLUI - Driving Comparatively Less Under the Influence.

The driver didn't alert the train with 2 longs, a short and another long on his horn. That way the train would have known he was approaching.

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