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February 16, 2013


Wearing Women's Panties On Your Face Is All The Rage In Japan

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Is that a mankini my wife realy wants to know.

My wife is mad at me please take back last comment.

My son (a big manga/anime fan) showed me this manga eighteen months ago or so. Too weird even for me.

WTFBBQ is going on in Japan?

when ju wear japanese on jur head, jur cheeks stick out

I confess that I had different picture in mind.

I have to confess it would depend (har) on the particular lady.

Japan, where weird and creepy is perfectly ordinary.

Dear Mr. Panty Person:

Would thongs be appropriate in this application?

I understand China has surrendered.


WTFBBQ is going on in Japan?

Like Elon said... or at least those who witness the weird and creepy avoid any appearance of noticing. No matter how bizarre, if something hasn't already been "all the rage in Japan", it soon will be.

Japan is a bit "behind" the times.

I can name that thong in three notes.

But this does beat being a panty-waist, right?

rest at ease, NOTHING is going on in Japan with the face panty thing. But if I do see random businessmen,chicken sexers and sumo guys wearing see-through, strawberry or crotchless head ornaments I will warn this fine blog and its inhabitants.

So, Joe, to put it another way, "Nothing to see here, move along"?

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