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February 17, 2013


Unfortunately our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Destination of the Week.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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How far is Bumbang from Phuket?

Isn't that the new dance by J-Lo and Kim Kardashian?

I see it's nearby Awang.

I understand you can also get special viewings of Uranus.


About 1700 miles as the seagull flies.

Apologies to MC Hammer:

I like Bumbang, and I cannot lie,
You can go there if you try
When the T-agent walks in with a map and a grin,
And your Visacard in her hand
You get booked
Wanna change flights?
Cuz you notice that your bag was stuffed
Deep in the plane you're riding
Once you get on board, start imbibing
Oh, the Bumbangers wait to greet ya
And say they're glad to meet ya
My TSA tried to warn me
But that brochure you had
Made it look so corny
Ooh, flight that never ends
My knees, they cannot bend
But the food there is the purest,
cuz I ain't your average tourist.

PB ~ That would be "Sir Mix-a-Lot".

I hve no idea why I know this.

Ms. Flukey is a hip-hop junkie?

The only thing I know about MC Hammer is all the hammer wielding units in Warcraft 3 quote him when they are not doing the Monty Python Constitutional Peasant.

Also, someone on the Internet dealt me a grievous insult:

" I find you to be a highly emotional and effeminate individual, almost like a menstruating woman. I think that this renders a lot of your analyses to be sub-par."

So I replied thusly

" I would give a witty retort, but as you are probably now on the hit list of 51% of the world, I do not find the need."

I think I handled it rather well.

Hey, lay off the hobos.

Destination of the week: Bumbang, Bumbang
'Exploration' makes you shriek!
on Bumbang Bay

(doo-dah, doo-dah...)

Well, it's 1700 miles from home to Bum bang,
And Susan says she don't want me to go.
Says Lover, Phukhet's so much closer ...

No, Elon, I am not. I know this because I used to work with someone from the same home town as Sir. When I said I didn't know who he was, my co-worker innocently asked me if I knew "I liked Big Butts".

I just calmly looked at him and said I did not know that about him. His friend had to tell him what he just said to me. :)

@Elon - your insulter is safe. His dragon Lila will protect him.

Maybe they should put a package together that includes this place with: Wetwang (England), French Lick, Indiana and Pussy Creek, Ohio.

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