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February 15, 2013


The First Anatomically Designed Jeans With A Man's Junk In Mind.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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I thought "just a scosch more room" did that already.

And don't call me Surly....

Wrangler are just fine...and cost about $200 less no doubt.

An invention whose time has not yet come.
Although there are certain neighborhoods where these jeans would be popular, if you catch my drift

If they wear them around their knees like the teenagers do, what difference does it make?

*Snork* Ralph, you read my mind!

I'm not sure I want to read a story like this from Kickstarter.

Not so. My man, revolutionary pants designer Eldridge Cleaver, was the first:


Scroll down to see a photo of Eldridge modeling his innovative "appurtenance."

So, our jeans are trying to kill us?

Lose the buttons. This guy just wants everybody to look at his (and your) bunch.

...have to be careful with the word "first"


"Junk"? Excuse me?

Just like the Ritz-Carlton...big ballroom.

Layzee: "spacious ..." Spacious ballroom.


The Ballroom jeans are designed for guys' real junk. Those ridiculous "codpiece" jeans at the link are designed to make room for the socks some guys stuff in their jockey shorts.

And when you get old, you can continue wearing your "man junk" jeans with your truss.

I'm with Unslap. I won't spend money on any product that reduces our genitals to "junk".

Poker: "An invention whose time has not yet come."

Come and gone, actually.

So he's reinventing the codpiece. A real renaissance in fashion.

'Hot Child Junk' doesn't sound creepy at all, not at all.

I'll confess: I can't really tell if this is 1) a serious (and seriously misguided) project, 2) satire, or 3) potentially clever marketing of himself as an actor/model (if he can actually get people to pay him a few grand to find a job, more power to him). Although this: "I just cast for a role in a 1976 movie." may be indicative (hopefully of satire, not schizophrenia) I poked around his web site a bit, looking for a contact. There are references to a "contact box" and solicitations for media and celebrities to contact, but I don't actually see a way to do so other than through Facebook or Twitter. Maybe it behind those dead links on that oh-so professional web site.

Of course, a combination of 2 & 3 is possible, and seems most likely.

As satire goes, I much preferred this one.

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