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February 01, 2013


We'll say!

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

 Vaguely-related news item

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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"If a resident phones a sex worker and asks them round because they are feeling sexually frustrated..."

I've read some Dickens and Huxley, so I know "round" stands for "around" in Brit-speak, but still, could "ask them round" this be a euphemism?

This is the most sensible thing I've read so far today. Of course, it's early yet...

That is some "Ho"listic care indeed.

@JSG - "ask them round" = "request that they come (har!) for a visit"

Used quite frequently for repair men, etc.

markhh, do Brits speak of a "reach round"?

I've heard it used.

Disclaimer: My knowledge of Britlish comes from years of phone conferences and way too many month long visits to our offices there. If a native speaker corrects me, assume I am indeed wrong.

Lola - a true 2 bagger.

Lola doesn't accept appointments after 8pm. She's looking for the Early Birds.

Don't ask what they do at Nursing Homes.

Bravo!! I can't say that enough.
One nursing home my widowed mother was in for a short time placed husbands and wives in separate wings for fear that they might get into bed together and, maybe, try to make love.
I am horrified by the "compassion" that some people show.

What happens in the nursing home stays in the nursing home. Or at least it should!

Thanks Sun. Now I need brain bleach.

That second item is too vague for me.

Vaguely related misspelled headline.

I'll bet the National Health hires some quality strippers too... like ex Russian Olympic weight lifters.

She "was turned on to the idea..."?

News quote of the week right there!

I'm looking forward to it my self.

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