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February 06, 2013


All of them obscene.

(Thanks to Jeffrey P. Brown)

Vaguely-related news item here

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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1. She is shown wearing red, but the arm attached to the finger is wearing blue sleeves.

2. They still have the soviet Hammmer in the Аэрофлот logo?

3. I could not find her name in the Aeroflot twitter feed, nor any with her name.

4. That could be the russian word for toilet туалет on the lavatory in the photo.

I'll forgive her if she'll come to my house and apologize. In uniform. With them white gloves, I like those.

Don't get me started about Aeroflot.

Hey, I was just shopping on a Russian bride site and saw a Tatiana Kozlenko. Wonder if it is the same one. Buy the way they are having a 2 for 1 sale. One for home and one for office.

Happy Meal!

They are just trying to compete with Friendly's "Happy Ending" sundae.

She'll find work. The finger photo qualifies her for just about any government job.

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