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February 13, 2013


We are moving our offices (not for a while, but we like to work ahead) and there are lots of great letters on the wall. Here's one that might be fun to share, even though it was sent in 2005. It is not signed. (Spelling errors are the letter writer's.)

Dear Mr. Barry,

Recently you were a guest on Steve Martin's show where he received the Mark Twain Award. You and Mr. Larry David were insulting people and animals. First of all I thought it was uncalled For to state that Mr. Martin's dog passed gas. That was crude and ignorant. Don't you pass gas? I bet you do. Of course let's not forget how you bragged about the Filthy Pornography on the internet, only you didn't say Filthy. You said, you should check it out. Strange how people like Filthy Porno better than the lovely animals. Filthy People that use their mouths For sex are the dirty slobs, not dogs that expel gas. And last but not least, who are you to make Jokes about Mark Twain, and how he would say he was 170 years old? the day is coming where people will live to 170 years old and older. Who the hell are you to play God? Your a lousy comedienne. Wake up.

This has been your blast from the past.


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Filthy porno has always been the best porno, in my opinion.
Reminds me of the dirty joke involving a feather boa and a chandelier that my wife was so rude as to interrupt before the teller got to the punch line.
That was about 35 years ago. As god is my witness, before I die, I WILL find out how that joke ended.

Your a lousy comedienne, natch.

Was the dog named Pluto? Because it runs rings around Uranus.

Senator Rubio should be a little more cimcumspect next time....

He is a pretty lousy comedienne, though, you have to admit.

I'd like to know more about when people are going to live to be 170 years old. If this includes people like the letter writer, I'd prefer to get hit by a truck sooner rather than later.

That sounds it came from one of the actors in Random Neural Firing Theatre.

I'm sorry Mr. Barry, but I am afraid I'll have to agree with your angry correspondent. :(

You agree with the living to be 170 years old part, or with the part about Dave passing gas?

And there's no reason for the frowny face. I'm sure Dave will still be passing gas even when he's 170 years old and older.

SMACKS Edward. : (

I could almost swear that the letter was written by members of my family, the ones that avoid contact with me.

I'm pleased that the letter-writer went on to have a distinguished carer with Fox News.

so cindy, tell us all about your Momentous Meeting With Dave.

I understand he wrote a book.

It's letters like that that keep the Post Office in business. Was it written in crayon?

snork @ Hogs.

No, CNN.

I'm confused. Dave was a woman in 2005?

I don't think Mr. Language Person would approve of the Random capitalization of Words.

But then again, maybe he wouldn't mind as long as you don't use the word "me", which is always wrong.

Dave's a gassy girl?????

To be fair, he IS a lousy comedienne.

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