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January 24, 2013


A woman has to be rescued by firefighters after she gets stuck in her son's high chair.

(Thanks to Mag Last)


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Never assemble Ikea high chairs.

She was high and it was a chair.

My all time favorite story about someone getting stuck and needing paramedics was the one Dave told about the woman that was putting down kitchen tile wearing nothing but her underwear.
Here is a link in case you've never read it. I wonder if she ever lived this down?

Hmmm, woman gets stuck in high chair, guess what was involved... hot fudge, maybe? Oreos? Cheez Doodles?

NC ~ That's exactly what it reminded me of too!

Boy, that Dave Berry sure can write funny, can't he? I think I'll switch over to HIS blog.

Lady, it works better if your hips are wider than your child's. The other way around is a disaster.

I'll have what she's having.

Thanks cindy, as I don't remember reading that one.

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