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January 14, 2013


A Belgian woman took an astonishing 1,800 mile detour through six countries after her car navigation system went wrong.

(Thanks to W.  von Papineau)



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I gave a Satnav to my brother for Christmas last year. I am not the one who inserted a programming enhancement that directed him to Baja California and placed him on the "Do Not Cross" list at the US Border for his attempt to return.

You'd think that she might have figured out she was not in Belgium by the time she crossed the Alps. It's not like Belgium is known for its mountains and lederhosen.

I once was traveling to a conference in Baltimore, about a four hour drive. I entered the hotel address into my GPS the hday before I left. Upon leaving I went into my "saved locations" file and clicked on "hotel" and went on my merry way.

A short while later I glanced down (I was still driving in an area that I knew rather well) and the damn thing was tell me that the time to my destination was "92 hours." WTFBBQ??

Seems that the week before I had been in El Paso, TX and that was the hotel the thing was trying to get me to go to.

So, this lady has my sympathy.

Must be a guy in drag, a woman woulda asked for directions.

What a maroon!

Key quote, ".. suddenly arrived in Zagreb." SUDDENLY?
from Belgium?

The second fill up should have alerted her to a problem. Even my truck gets more than 1.4 miles per gallon. Err... carry the one, shift the decimal... 168 liters per 100 K.

those satelite things are satanic, i tells ya.

I think, maybe, her kids should be paying a little more attention to Grandma.
Just in case.

reminds me of a nightmarish, post-midnight drive through North Carolina trying to get to New Bern. We had only the GPS to point the way and apparently it was set for the shortest, not fastest route. We backroaded it all the way. Never get off the Interstate until you absolutely have to.

Unlike Poirot her "little grey cells" were not functioning properly.

When GPSes attack.

"Hello, Fiona? It's Sabine. Listen, don't get off the train for a bit .... It's continuing southeast, right? ......."

Miamians can log the 900 miles while staying in town, just by driving all the ramps in the Golden Glades Interchange.

In other news, a large party of Germans was spotted crossing the France border in armored vehicles. When questioned by authorities, they asserted that they were "only following orders ... I mean, the GPS." The GPS in the lead tank -- that is, SUV -- was quoted as saying, "I know nossing!"

Back when I was working, we were supposed to use a state computer mapping program to get a route from here to there. It was set to always, ALWAYS, give priority to Interstate travel.
It once gave me a route that involved a couple of hours driving over about 130 miles. I pointed out to my supervisor, a friend of mine, that I could take a two lane and be there in a half hour.
That computer program gave birth to the GPS.

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