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January 02, 2013


Pet Ego Hot Pants Dog Panties

(Thanks to Chuck Cody, who says "I don't want to know.")


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I dare anyone on here to call these "sexy".
Unless, of course, "Furry" is your lifestyle choice.


Daring doggies do.

Must be a bitch to get off.

Snooki has a clothing line now?

true 'doggie style' - they'd look fetching under a poodle skirt

Depends for dogs.


For the Snoop Bitch in ya'll.

Does USD mean USED???

"Pet Ego Hot Pants Dog Panties" -- it's not a palindrome, it's not an oxymoron, what is it exactly?

It is an anagram for "Spot posting a tepee thong ad" but I still feel I'm missing something.

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