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January 11, 2013


Dogs eat cannabis, get stoned while out for walkies

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Didn't Scavenging Canines open for The Sex Pistols?

Oh, wow, man ... I mean, Dog. (giggles uncontrollably). Like, did you ever look at your paw? I mean, really look at it?


"Arf?!" He said, arf!, man! That's hilarious! Did you hear that?


(All) It's the door bell! It's the door bell! Arf! Arf! It's the pizza guy! Arf! The door! I'll get it, I'll get it! I got it! Arf! (and so on).

That happened to me once on a geology field trip.

This explains that slobber scene from Turner and Hooch. Never knew Hooch was a pom. Thought he was French.

I swear that dogcatcher saw me, man! He saw me, I GOTTA HIDE!! Wait! .... there's another one!


English Cheetohounds

I'm sure this article was severely censored.
My sources say it went more like, "When I got home he just collapsed and couldn't do anything (except talk about 'colours' and tear my bag of Doritos all to pieces. It's OK, though, he cleaned all of them up.).

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