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January 01, 2013


Fishing spots sold on Trade Me after breakup

(Thanks to Bill Moore)


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Guard them with your life?

Oh, good grief. Get serious. You're lucky she didn't set your mattress on fire with you on it.

That's pretty funny. A true fishermen doesn't need a GPS system to locate where the fish are. I have always fished without any of that. That is what makes fishing fun. I have always caught great fish. Walleye, perch, bass, pike, catfish, I could see doing that if you are commercial and needing fish for market but not for recreational.

I don't fish because I'm afraid I'll catch one. Yuck!

Sounds like nos. 51 and 52 for Paul Simon's song:

"Just pack up her case, Ace.
Sell off the fish, Trish."

' Miss Potter has now hooked another fisherman...'

Woman had allure
Huge net gain! A new sole mate!
A Master dater

She admits she's "fairly honourable".
Ah, that we could all claim that trait.
I'm an Internet-ordained minister. Not that I'm religious; I just did it to show that other "preachers" could be scoundrels just as much as I am.
Only I won't take your money. (AND I really like the word "scoundrel").

The boyfriend fled to Oz "with little notice?" Who dat?

Reminds me of the story about a woman who posted a for-sale ad for a Porsche 911, in perfect condition, for only $100. A man arrived at the door, and was astonished to find the car was in even better shape than expected. When he asked if the advertised price was a misprint, the woman said "Absolutely not! You see, my husband just left me for his secretary, and they moved to another state. Last night, he called and asked me to sell his car and send him the money."

Fishing is just one of the best sports their is. So relaxing and exciting. Ice fishing is awesome too.

She reely showed him!

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