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January 05, 2013


Passenger On JFK-Bound Icelandair Flight Restrained After Getting Drunk

(Thanks to Rob Simbeck, Joe in Japan, Jeff Meyerson and Janice Gelb)


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In coach class they use superglue.

I guess he really tied one on, sop to speak

The one weapon TSA hasn't banned yet...

This gives me an idea for Joe Biden.

To bad you can't carry more than 2 oz of WD40 in a plastic bag.

I wonder if "I'm driving a rental car" is a good enough excuse to bring duct tape in your carry on baggage or if you have to say "my connecting flight is on ______ Airlines"

The one weapon TSA hasn't banned yet...

Please, don't give them any ideas.

Captain: " If you need anything during the flight, press the overhead button and your dominatrix will be right with you. "

Saw the picture all over TV...BUT tie-up artist refused to come forward for credit. "Victim" probably grabbed their favorite stewardess...you are sitting ...she's standing...bound to mis-grab...THAT's a NO-NO!

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