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January 14, 2013


Video: Polar bears rattle cameraman's cage in Norway

(Thanks to Mark Buckley)

It's actually just one bear. But still.


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Antarctic skidmarks.

Arctic Bob: There are no polar bears around here for miles. If there were, They would be so sorry!

Man, I know how that bear feels. You get something home from the store, and it's wrapped in this hard plastic shell that you need power tools to get through.

"I love these things; crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle".
(Thanks to the Far Side).

"The Polar Bear Family and Me."

subtitle: "How a Polar Bear Turned Grizzly"

Someone was asking about a dog roll? This is a human roll.

I wonder what size nuclear weapon the photog had in there with him, just in case.

Gordon, along with Ghana fisherman Ezah Kojo, are both still unable to pass faeces in a traditional manner. (Gordon has tried to run his globe through the car wash with the door open, but it didn't help much.

Don't like the whole "look at me," reality-show thing. I had to root for the bear.

I always side with the fabulous fur balls. If it weren't for our fellow carnivores, we'd be up to our clavicles in, um, squirrels, I guess.

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