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January 16, 2013


Barnacles ejaculate into ocean to fertilize distant mates

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown and Gregg in Baton Rouge)


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Hey, that's why I do it too!

This is exactly why I only swim in nice, clean, public swimming pools.

"...a behavior known as spermcast mating."

Didn't Rep. Anthony Weiner do that?

I'm afraid to check whether spermcast.com is already taken. Not going there.

I thought this was another headline about Brent Musburger in Miami for the BCS game.

The shocking and compelling conclusion to this article:

"Additional research is needed to answer these questions, according to researchers."

(Also, I saw Barnacle Penis Range open for Limp Bizkit.)

I thought they did it just because it feels good.

Female barnacle: "What the heck?!? Eeewwwww!"

"Why does this keep HAPPENING to me!?", screemed Ms. Barnacle.

It's only after ten in the morning and it's already been a long day.

Steve, it's a good thing my soda is sugar-free.

Wet dreams?

YIKES! I hope it doesn't work this way in hot tubs.

Odd that barnacles have penises, but perhaps not as upsetting as it would be if penises had barnacles.

Meanie the Blue, you mean...that's not normal?

now you kids need to settle down - have a little respect or a little something

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