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January 08, 2013


Smarter Socks - probably the smartest socks in the world

(Thanks to Ed. Floden)


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You can never have enough good clean socks...

Will it find all those socks that teleported to the 5th dimension?

"Together, the Sock Sorter we have developed and our iPhone app mean that nothing can go wrong and your iPhone can communicate with your socks."

/emphasis added

I can "manage my sock account?" I have a sockbroker for that, thanks.

Can I get these in solid gold weave?

$189 for ten pair? Sorry, I don't have that much cash, as I lost most of it when the sock market crashed.

Now I know where all those mysterious text messages came from on my iPhone account.

Black socks that never get dirty
The longer you wear them the stiffer they get
Sometimes I think of the laundry
But something keeps telling me... Not yet.

Thanks SO much, Dave and Judi. I am now even intimidated by friggen sock technology. Back up the Geezer bus. Again.

Do these 'smart socks' protect against sexually active reproducing foot mold & toe fungus???

oooooo, the risk of unprotected sox....

I have SmartWool hiking socks. Never once have they communicated with me.

Will they send me a holey post when it's time to renew my sole.

If they are wool, Loudmouth, you will be darned to heck.

I think they need to reboot.

I'm sure the TSA is gonna love these little chip-embedded goodies going through the carry-on bag scanners or on people's feet as they get irradiated.

"Please step over here, sir ....."

I don't WANT smart socks. We already have relationship issues.
They complain that I walk all over them.

There’s An App For WHAT??? (Limerick)
If you find that your socks keep cavorting
And consorting with strangers, your sorting
Can be helped with an app:
Smarter Socks fill the gap
When your laundering skills need supporting.

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