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January 20, 2013


Woman attacks man with Swedish sausage

Note: The man was not injured by the Swedish sausage.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Here's another link to this momentous event: http://www.thelocal.se/45688/20130118/

David's link.

First it was the Thin Mints Melee...

Was it really necessary to show the sausage split like that? Do they not expect to have a male readership?

I can't help but notice that Swedish people like to be naked.

*snork* @ 'David's link' photo

That looks more like the common bologna than Swedish Sausage. Granted, both are deadly when fried.

"Make way for the iron sausage."


So... It was really a frying pan attack. Bad reporting.

Key indicator, if the story hadn't made it abundantly clear, that this didn't take place in the United States: he's suing for $130?!

Great article is there any chance I can take it and copy it onto my own blog

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