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January 09, 2013


Horrified KFC diner stumbles upon strange brain-like organ in his meal

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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That meat is way too convoluted for a birdbrain. It's also too convoluted for the brain of a bird.

Idiot. It's a lung, completely normal. (Lungs are referred to archaically as "lights," as in "punch your lights out".) Tastes like chicken liver; I eat 'em.

In The Matrix, there's a quote where one of the bad guys is eating a tasteless meal, while the human has a steak, or what he thinks is a steak. The quote is something like "Well, since nothing actually has any taste, we implanted the taste of chicken inside your brain, then made everything else taste like that."

And what is a "Gladiator Box"?

Should be the Zombie Combo Box.

If it wasn't so unhealthy, I'd consider becoming a vegetarian after seeing this.

Yeah, this from a place that eats steak-and-kidney pie, calves' brains, and (horrors) something called Spotted Dick. This kid needs to shut up and eat.

I had a patient come into the ER one night complaining that KFC had poisoned her. She had been eating some of their chicken livers and had bitten into something that was very bitter. The doc expained that was probably a gallbladder that had gotten mixed in with the livers. I had no idea that chickens had gallbladders. This is exactly why I don't eat any animals liver. Plus it's icky.

Reminds me of the Roseanne episode where Dan comes home with a bucket and tells her he told them to just fry up the skin.

That's offal.

Whatever you do, don't actually look at that hamburger in your refrigerator. It looks EXACTLY like that.
And speaking of poison, when my mother was recovering from knee replacement, she whisper-pleaded with me to get me out of there because the hospital was trying to POISON her!
She even showed me the bottle the poison had been in.
She was blind and couldn't read the Ensure on the label.
Not a fan.

meh. i woulda just ate it.

Who hasn't found a lung still attached to their chicken breast, at least once? It's only giblets, fercryinoutloud.

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