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January 11, 2013


'Ring of Fire' headed to Preparation H ads

(Thanks to Ralph)


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You get that itchy twitchy feeling
(Itchy twitchy feeling)
You start rocking and a reeling
(Rocking and a reeling)
Soon your arms and legs start flapping
Like a hound dog mouth a yapping

*gets back on geezer bus*

Never store your Prep H in the vicinity of your tube of Bengay.

This is because of the hallucinogenic curry, isn't it?

Smoke on the water,
and fire on Uranus.

Jan. 30, 2004 article.

Is someone in a timewarp there?

Et tu, World's Oldest Living Brain Donor?

Are we talking about THAT planet again ?!

nursecindy, getting them confused is a good way to hydrate your eyes, lemme tell ya.

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