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January 09, 2013


The CataCombo: a sound system for coffins.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Are the Grateful Dead on the playlist?

Play The Mambo on your CataCombo!

Stairway to Heaven in an endless loop?

Does the warranty include periodic check ups?


Teen Angel
Leader of the Pack
Tell Laura I Love Her

bUt YoU'rE DeAd!!!! reetreetreetreet.

Seriously, that coffin had a nice French polish lacquer piano finish. Maybe Steinway should make coffins.

If that was the widow, there should be a bumpersticker that says "Don't bother Knock, Knockin'on Heaven's Door if this casket is rockin'"

Traveling Wilburys?

As it turns out, I'm about to start making my father-in-law's pine coffin. I hadn't thought about a sound system. Although, for some strange reason, I AM concerned about splinters.
Does it play the music backwards so you can hear secret messages (Paul is dead! One of us! One of us!) and decompose in comfort?

There you go. A little Cole Porter and some tap shoes and you're all set for Eternity.

No video? Why no zombie movies?

Subterranean Woofer.

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