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January 04, 2013


Doctor eats world's hottest curry… and it's so violent he gets hallucinations and chefs have to wear goggles to make it

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Wasn't Hot Currry fired by that Matt guy?

How many pounds of ice did he need to wipe his a$$ the next day? Shoddy journalism.

I once gave a pool party during which I challenged everyone to eat a raw, ripe habanero pepper with me. Only one guy stepped up. We both had mild hallucinations and pretty strong dizziness for about an hour.

One question.


Kids these days. Whatever happened to the safe methods we employed, like mushrooms and LSD?

Hallucinations? Did the good Doctor meet a red coyote speaking to him with Johnny Cash's voice?

I wondered that too MikeyVA. Ever notice you don't read about women doing things like this?

One question.


Posted by: MikeyVA | January 04, 2013 at 11:37 AM

That's an easy one.

1. because it's there
2. because he's a guy
3. I'm guessing alcohol was involved

Anyway, he's a doctor. It's a public service.

He looks suspiciously like a squirrel, but I could be hallucinating since I recently licked that Bufo toad.

'We've had people sweating, crying, shaking and vomiting..."

Big deal... Watching " Waterworld " can cause all that.

For the question of "Why?", the answer is obvious:

He was trying to favor curry....

NC, We roll our eyes a lot!


Thanks for the explanation ----- Rolls eyes.

And it burns, burns, burns,the ring of fire
The ring of fire

SNORK @ PIrate....

I was hoping to have the company cafeteria serve the dish as a morale booster.

This is what his bathroom will look like tomorrow morning.

the challenge was harder than when he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last year.

um, guys in wheelchairs "climb" Mt. Kilimanjaro. Not saying there's anything wrong with climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro but it does make me wonder how hot the curry really is.

Anyway I'll have to keep this curry in mind when I'm in the UK in case I get a cold. Nothing clears the sinuses like a spicy curry.

And Mikey (NC) if you read the article it mentions that of the 300 people who have tried the curry, 10 of them have been women. make of that what you will.

Mmmm. Have to make curry tonight.

PirateBoy - Thanks now I need to wipe the Diet Coke off of my computer key board!

When we were in the UK recently our driver...a very nice guy....had his wife make us a chicken curry. We said, "Hey, we don't do hot". He went on for five minutes about how he doesn't either, and swore it was very mild.
My wife didn't eat any.
Me? I sh!t fire for 3 days.

I saw Shit Fire open for the Dead Kennedys back in the 80's

Wolfsong, did you consider simple demonic possession ? Sometimes the simplest explanations are the right ones.

Seems to me a guy that would eat thermo nuclear curry would also be a fart-lighting prankster.

People of the UK retreat!


No. Why do you ask?

As a Doc I am wondering why the expression duodenal ulcer did not come to his mind before trying this craziness.

*snork* at Poker!

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