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January 24, 2013


Appeals court agrees: No DWI charge for Medina Segway driver

(Thanks to Tash)


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Zamboni... yes.
Segway... no.

I'm thinking the local taxpayers should take this case to the state Supreme Court and the the US Supreme Court so the discrepency can be fixed over a $750 ticket.

So I'm confused -- his Segway is pulled by a horse?

Recidivists of the World unite.

I've never been that far north in Winter but, Minneapolis? In February?
As a person who has watched just loads of TV with law-related themes, my expert opinion is that "alcohol" is legally classified as an "antifreeze" in February there.

Frankly, I think that Segways should be mandatory for drunks.

BTW, for those of you who have never "enjoyed" the Great White North, be advised that:

* 70% of bars up here are named some variant on "The Duck Inn", "The Dive Inn", "Inn Cahoots", etc. etc.

* A similar percentage of lakes up here choose their name from any one of Green, Mud, Turtle, Otter (otters not required), Sandy, or Duck. Directional specifiers are optional. Yes, the locals know that you're only supposed to have one of each name per state. No, they did not name the lakes personally.

Steve, last February it was like 73 degrees up here. This week, however, we could use all the anti-freeze we can get - it's about half as cold as the old days.

And Prag, I don't know how you segwayed into the topic of lakes, but over here in the Land o' 10,000, 30% are given cool native names like Miwakitomoc, 5 have French names like Milles Lacs, and the rest are called Big Lake, Round Lake, or Long Lake.

And I think Drunken Segway opened for Led Zeppelin.

And I have a choreography ready for the next inaugural parade.

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