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January 17, 2013


Did Google Street View car run over a donkey?

(Thanks to Joseph McConnell)


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There are probably twelve cars in Bostwana. Couldn't he manage to miss the donkey?

♫ Jiggity-jig,(hee-haw!hee-haw!) the Google Street view Donkey!

Don't be evil a pain in the ass.

Google motto fixed.

Whoever this McConnell guy is, he ought to wise up and use his blog alias when he's submitting articles.

Omni, I hear he's not very bright, but the ladies like him.

lilgirl makes my day. Again.


It was down in the Google use EULA. "We can kill your ass." Didn't you read it?

Hmmm, which is more evil, Google or the English tabloid press?

Shockingly, it turns out that the tabloid press is trying to sensationalize a non-event. I know, I know, such a thing is unimaginable, but if you see the pictures in chronological order, the donkey is taking a dust bath in the dusty road and then gets out of the car's way. Bear in mind that they drive on the left there.

Wheeled burro.

It turns out that Google left some images out: Namely, the car backing up to finish the job.

I've worked for some -- interesting -- companies, but I must say, no employer of mine has ever had to do a press release saying, "we didn't kill the donkey!"

I understand that there was quite a lot of email traffic, internally and mostly directed to staff in non-anglophone countries, clarifying the difference between the words "kill" and "kick."

I think that donkey is clearly alive. Padraig is right on about the dust bath.

Omniskeptic, I'm guessing you didn't work for Patton.

No, when I was of military age, the headman was a guy named Grant.

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