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January 22, 2013


The worst-run cities in America.

(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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I think some city managers might have paid to stay off that list.

Despite the difficult economic conditions Miamians faced, the city joined with Miami-Dade County to pay for almost 80% of the more-than $600 million cost of building a new baseball stadium for the Miami Marlins.
Well, at least Miami has it's priorities straight.

But you're still not as bad as San Bernadino.

Wiredog, we appeal to the judges to include Hialeah together with Miami. Together we would have kicked San Bernadino's left coast butt!

lots in caleeefawnia, eh!

So how did the Marlins do last year?

Here's what some other wacko with a blog had to say about it all, including Detroit's tragic fourth place ranking.

We also beat them, and all other cities, for Most Miserable. Yay, us?

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