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January 03, 2013


Woman elated by return of suitcase full of lobster

(Thanks to Matt Filar)

CORRECTION: It turns out that this is not actually an update, but the same story that was posted yesterday, about the suitcase full of lobsters. Judi will of course be fired (JWOCBF).


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Didn't they open for Phish?

JWBFFT... yadda, yadda...

DEJA VU ? Again ?

I see firings coming.

judi's in hot water again?

This is an important story and I think daily updates are appropriate, even if they aren't really daily or updates.

I'm so very sorry, judi. It was during a blackout. I've got to stop drinking grain alcohol in the middle of the day.

I thought grains were an important source of roughage and, therefore, good for you.

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