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January 04, 2013


Man shoots collection of Dale Earnhardt memorabilia after death of pet snake

(Thanks to James in NC)


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Eagerly awaiting nursecindy's comment...

You mean to say that Don Prudhomme had no comment?

I could understand Jeff Gordon....but Dale Earnhardt ??????

Fangs for the memories.

Sr. or Jr.?

I've been too speechless to even comment on this story. He shot his priceless Earnhart memorabilia because a snake died??? STRING 'EM UP. Better yet I'll string him up. Denver, NC is only about 20 miles from my house. I hate to brag but, I am the proud owner of several Dale Earnhardt autographed pictures and I wouldn't take anything for them.
btw Jeff. When you say Earnhardt in the south you are always talking about Sr. Jr. is known as "Little E.". Do they teach nothing in the NYC public schools? One more thing: EARNHARDT!!!! Now if you'll excuse me I feel like taking a little drive.....

Man, one of the NASCAR trinity. I think it goes Lee Petty, Richard Petty & Dale. #3 is sacred. Target practice on the hoof.

"Ericcson said that he and his wife can't have children ..."

Well, there's some good news in this story, anyway.

*rolls eyes at nursecindy*

Gee, I guess you better write to Wiki too.

Loudmouth, my uncle was a mechanic for Richard Petty years ago. Petty once got a ticket in Charlotte for bumping a slow car out of the passing lane on I-85. He said he always did it on the racetrack. I loved it.

Did he choke the snake? Just askin'

Send that man a Tony Romo jersey!

Love Richard Petty and that is a great story. See, a non-professional might have made the guy crash and burn.

Out here in SoCal, NASCAR is a mystery to us all. They tore down a perfectly good speedway (The California Speedway, just like my old Hotwheels set features) in Ontario, built a mall on top of the land, then re-built the "Ontario Motor Speedway" track less than 1/2 a mile away. The first race sold out. Now they literally drape covers over the empty grandstands so it won't look so sad on television. Of course, the cheapest seat is $72, so that might explain things...

Dale who?

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