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January 03, 2013


Spam bought Skippy.

This has been Today's Business News.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Lard & meat meets lard & peanuts. Reese's gone bad.

The next step in the plan is to corner the market on Lipitor. BWAAH ha ha ha haaaaaaa!

You put peanut butter in my chemicals!

Well, you got chemicals in my peanut butter.

The only thing that belongs in peanut butter is cold bacon!

Next: cornering the market in dead parrots?

They're going after the market for hawaiian/thai curries.

I remember my mother serving us fried Spam.
There must have been some deep-seated anger issues in the family.

Well, Steve, do you mean Egg & Spam, Egg Bacon & Spam, Egg Sausage & Spam, Spam Egg Sausage & Spam, Spam Spam Spam Baked Beans Spam & Spam was the weekly breakfast menu at your place? Or was it just when you were bad?

Or Lobster Thermidor aux crevettes with shallots and mushrooms and aubergines, in a Mornay sauce, garnished with truffle pâté, brandy and a fried egg on top and Spam?

Now Hormel has another "non-meat protein product."

*snort* @ Omniskeptic

All I remember is fried Spam spam.
That's when I made my lifelong vow to never again eat anything that looked like a brick with leprosy.

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