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January 09, 2013


Two Britons said to be behind a £10 million garlic smuggling scam are being hunted by police in Sweden.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I would follow my nose if I were them.

Case cloved.

They won't get far without mouthwash...a LOT of mouthwash.

Well we know that the vampires won't be anywhere near them.

How many tons of it were found stuffed in their pants?

Trying to smuggle garlic into a country that prides itself on having the blandest food in the universe?

Set the Bloodhounds on their trail and, wait, where are you hounds going? Back to the cages?

You smuggle 100 tons
and what do you get ?
Another day older
and really bad breath.

I assume they will "press" charges?

...Saint Peter don't you call me
cause I can't go...
I owe my cloves to the company Ikea...

Just follow the trail of Greeks and Spaniards heading for Sweden.

Is this a news item or a Monty Python skit???

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