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January 08, 2013


A Soldier and His Squirrel

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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That cat does not look happy.

Soldier boy
Oh, my little soldier boy
I'll be true to you
You were my first love
And you'll be my last love
I will never make you blue
I'll be true to you
In the whole world
You can love but one squirl
Let me be that one squirl
For I'll be true to you

Years later that soldier grew up to be Vladimir Putin.

Did you notice the satanic horns on the squirel?

@ Omniskeptic - Putin was never in the military, in case you didn't know. He was a mid level KGB agent stationed in East Germany before his rise to power, and what he did once he achieved that power in 1998 would blow your mind.
Remember the killing of hundreds of school children in Bresan? Remember all the opera house deaths in Moscow? How about the start of the second Chechnian War, in which the entire country was laid to waste.
Putin's #1 agenda is the gratification of Vladimir Putin - everyone and everything else are trivial to him. He is a true Psychopath running a country that's hardly out of its old Communist Shackles, something he would like to see a return to, as is already happening now.


Cute little bugger...for the Devil.


And the so called United Nations does what? Nothing, that's what.

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