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January 14, 2013


Following a bizarre quarrel over a coconut tree two women face court charges for severely damaging a man’s anus.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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I have never counted more different words and euphemisms for "butt" and "anus" on one page.

My favorite: "back passage".

*agrees* w/ Allen: hard to get to the bottom of this story

('Half Assini District'.... really??!)

Insert joke here *

Heinous, anus attack?

That can't be right.

I'd rather not know what Unholy Slacker was looking for when he found this. On the other hand, if you thought the story was bizarre, you should read the comments.


Perhaps ever cloud does have a silver lining. He's now got 'an anal opening in his abdomen', which is surely far more convenient. I mean, when you think about it, it's where all anal openings should be located.

Lacerated Bum Cheeks is my personal favorite, as well as AGNFARB.

OK, a heinous attack on their neighbour’s back passage is pretty good too.

I'm surprised you can get justice in the Half Ass-ini court.

And really, isn't "bunghole anus" redundant and repetitive?


"anal opening" WBAGNF a congressional re-cap.

yeah...Half Assini District that sort of covers it all. what country in africa is this, anyway?

lyndon johnson on one of the famous tapes, was talking to his tailor, and asked him to make more room in his pants for his bunghole. that is an expression i only read in the johnson tapes. till now.

The ultimate definition of a pain in the ass.

Not a happy ending.

Ah. Ghana. That makes more sense. Thought for a second there we were in Flathead.

You never see men using long sharpened raffia palm branches to poke a workman’s buttocks. It's ALWAYS women. Why is that?

queensbee, a "bung" is the cork that goes into a wine cask during aging. So, the hole in the cask is the "bunghole" that gets the cork put into it.

Your anus reference lesson for today.

A raffia palm leaf can grow up to 80 feet long which means the stem would be much longer than that splinter you got in your hand that you were complaining about. In many parts of the world a "sharpened stick" is also know as a "spear".

thanks layzee - i knew the derivation. just nobody who actually ever USED the term!

never saw beavis and butthead do america, huh?

yeah, don't bother.

He said "Bunghole"....heh..heh heh....

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