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January 24, 2013


In the calendar, a long-haired brunette poses on a commode with pink lace panties stretched across her booted ankles. Another lies on grass, cupping her breasts while worms crawl through a patch of inky dirt piled over her nether regions. Still another crouches near a banana tree, her outstretched arms covering her bare chest as she lifts rotting fruit peels. Each photo is accompanied by a brief biography of the featured girl. All of the models were chosen because of their work on environmental issues.


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I'm glad I read Judi's note before looking at the pics. Otherwise I would have suggested that #4 needs a little grooming.

‘Invasive species are an issue, so let’s cook them!’

Very poor signal-to-noise ratio in that article. The above quoted sentence may be the sole intelligent thing in the entire piece.

By the way, did the great python hunt ever boost its score to anything higher than 21? That was the last number I heard. 

So these are the infamous "dirty pictures" we've heard so much about?

I'm seriously underwhelmed.

no thanks

i've all ready got too much sh!t on my calendar

Are guys really looking for girls with fertile eyes?

Green Piece?

The "composting toilet" outhouse one reminds me of the old Playboy magazine comic strip, Moonshine McJuggs. Heh.

What the hell? I actually have no interest in looking at those pictures.

Ralph - you wanna fertilize 'er? you meet need a hoe...

That's one spa you want to stay away from.

Fertilizer, I hardly knew 'er.

After looking at the pics, I could go for some dirty se...uh, environmental causes.

How many of you blog guys hurt your fingers when you were clicking on the link?

Miss July was only the stablekeeper's daughter...

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