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January 08, 2013


This is one of them.

ADVISORY: Things you do not want to see. Really.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Thank God for quick back-clicks. Seeing the title was quite enough for me. The Japanese are way ahead of even Californians.

The site told me I had to sign in to "prove my age". The last time I "proved my age", someone put a strong drink in my hand. I'm fairly certain that isn't going to happen while watching this video, so I'll take a pass on it.

I watched the whole thing, and I want more, more, MORE! But next time with boobies.

Not only am I not going to watch it, I'm not going to read any descriptions. Peace out.

I will heed the warning.

I didn't watch, but I suspect someone had that "burning, itching feeling" from those tasteful ads.
I especially like the ones where the guy, knowing he has "issues" decides to go bike riding.

What P.B. said.

Remember, the blog has a category: Do Not Click This Link.

It should be used more often.

Not as bad as I suspected, but much more ridiculous.

Now I know where Johnny Knoxville and his band of merry jackasses got their ideas: Japanese game shows.

(Or is it the other way around???)

Pepper sprayed, wasabied and skewered. I know what I want to do to Congress and the President now.

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