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January 09, 2013


Police say hamster birth, bad pizza or sasquatch sighting not worth calling 911

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Maybe not worth 911 but they're all GNFRB

But I can still call if I drop my iPhone on the train, right?

I'll bet a donut shortage counts.

If someone brought a rat-like creature into my house and it gave birth to 10 babies, I'd call 911 too.

I saw Hamster Birth open for Bad Pizza.

note to self:

next time tempted to commit a crime wear a bigfoot suit. police will apparently not respond to report of a sasquatch robbing a bank.

I don't know about Canada, thank the sun god, but when I was working in Kentucky and needed information from, or to consult with local police, I'd get the local, non-911, number.
It would ring and the 911 operator would answer. It turned out that nearly every county routed all calls to Court House numbers through 911.
If you don't want people heading for Rome, don't make all roads lead there.

How about if a sasquatch is late delivering a bad hamster pizza? That's an emergency in anyone's book.

How NOT To Use 9-1-1 (Limerick)

The 9-1-1 number is meant
For a notably urgent event.
Don’t call to report
A stale pizza or torte…
Or hamsters that breed sans consent.

Depends, pad. Is the sasquatch delivering a pizza to a bad hamster or does he get it free if it takes over 30 minutes? Or...what was this about, again?
I'm gonna order a pizza. With "special" seasoning.

Many calls of this ilk can be placed to your local university law library reference desk. Be sure to ask for a report number so you can follow up as necessary.

Kudos to Madeline!

Well done,Madeleine. I'll never forget you. Signed, Marcel.

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